LoadTest Tool for ARAS

ARAS Load Test Tool is testing how system behaves once simulation of real user interaction.   It is.. console application (command line tool) multi-threaded environment (simulates real work scenario) configuration based (connection definition, queries count, thread count, configuration files locations, output log location, test result file location, etc) queries with placeholders       FUNCTIONAL POINT OF VIEW From functional point of view we can assume that:  Thread = Single UserQuery = Action/Click that user performs on ARAS UI So if we configure 100 threads that uses 500 queries it willmean that we will simulate work of 100 users that...


DATA Migration Tool for ARAS

This Tool is able to migrate from various authoring systems into ARAS   Overview of some funtions: Contains information about source data Microsoft Excel file for analyzing and preparing data (It is intermediate step between source system and target system) Each source system must be representable in metadata format Some of PACE metadata columns that are supported: Source path, Deliverable, Gate, Version, Revision, Generation, Modified by, Title, Status, Sign on paper, Core document, Reference tag, Modified data   Screenshots of the working steps STEP 1 Creation of a new project Currently supportet sources: FilesServer, SharePoint, ClearCase   STEP 2 Reading and preview...