LoadTest Tool for ARAS

ARAS Load Test Tool is testing how system behaves once simulation of real user interaction.


It is..

  • console application (command line tool)
  • multi-threaded environment (simulates real work scenario)
  • configuration based (connection definition, queries count, thread count, configuration files locations, output log location, test result file location, etc)
  • queries with placeholders





From functional point of view we can assume that:

Thread = Single User
Query = Action/Click that user performs on ARAS UI

So if we configure 100 threads that uses 500 queries it will
mean that we will simulate work of 100 users that clicks on
actions in ARAS Web UI 500 times.

Those users can perform actions in parallel so it may be that some actions will be send to ARAS at same time - in this configuration.

Additionally the load test tool can be installed on any number of servers or client machines. That permits the simulation geographically distributed usage scenarios.

Example: four servers; one each in Frankfurt, Virginia,
London, Beijing; additionally four client machines. Each
machine runs 200 threads. The total test simulates then 8 *
200 = 1600 users




In current Load Test implementation we are testing how
system behaves once simulation of real user interaction.

Load Test answers questions like:

  • does target system handles that amount of users?
  • does target system handles that amount of simultaneous


  • what is maximum rate of users and queries that system handle (without error or with acceptable error rate)?



So, in order to create reports based on those data we would need to:

  • perform load tests on schedule manner
  • compare load test results(with same configuration) one with each other
  • user same machine in compared results (load test machine may have an impact on results)


We can create dashboard that presents:

  • list of machine/sources where load tests were run
  • configuration of compared tests (used threads and queries count)
  • timeline of tests with test result duration in certain time period