SharePoint brings all of the company's collected data into a central information environment. The platform manages to structure simple and
complex processes so that there is no longer any data chaos in your company.

This makes collaboration in the company and on the web easier and improves your operational efficiency. Microsoft SharePoint creates a platform that was designed, among other things, to collect, synchronize and share data in an orderly manner within the company. The integration of external partners is also possible.

Users can freely decide how they want to manage their data. SharePoint represents a platform for bringing together different applications.

Advantages of SharePoint at a glance

  • Fast and easy exchange of documents, information and data
  • Easy integration into all Microsoft Office applications
  • SharePoint reduces costs because there is less work involved
  • SharePoint has an extended security model
  • Users can exchange ideas and comments via MySites in SharePoint
  • Efficiently organize information through an enterprise content management system
  • Company-wide search function (Enterprise Search )
  • Corporate content management such as internal news, provision of know-how or general work materials for employeest
  • Web content management
  • Collaboration in project teams

This is what we offer you

Installation, configuration and integration

We can guarantee a smooth integration of SharePoint into your company. With the help of an initial analysis, we avoid difficulties and bottlenecks right from the start.


The mediatec Team brings your old SharePoint system (e.g. from 2003, from 2007) up to date. Keep up with the times and update your Microsoft SharePoint system and you will get even more opportunities to work effectively.

Tailored exactly to you

According to your wishes, we will create an individual design of the Sharepoint platform for you.
We would be happy to design based on your corporate design. Thanks to individual design, your employees will find their way around right from the start without much training.

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