It is not easy to find software among the numerous offers that perfectly suits your company's internal needs,
or to implement a software idea in such a way that it is unmistakably unique.

We at have an extensive repertoire of programming languages
and can therefore develop any kind of software for you.
We will work with you to create a concept that covers all your requirements and is therefore perfectly tailored to your needs.

Software development

Individual software for individual companies!
It is not easy to find software among the numerous offers that perfectly suits your internal company needs, or to implement a software idea in such a way that it is unmistakably unique.

Our highly trained development team from realizes your software and Internet project based on
proven solutions and years of experience.

With our extensive repertoire of programming languages, we can develop any kind of software for you.

Feel free to contact us without obligation!

Software for Medical Devices

Software development for medical devices comes with its own challenges. Therefore, it is not easy to find a suitable service partner who works according to the current standards and can guarantee problem-free certification of medical devices.

With you have found such a partner! For
software projects for medical products we work strictly according to our QM system, which is ISO 13485certified. We therefore also follow the standard IEC 62304 for the software development of medical devices.
We also regularly train our employees on the latest standards and technologies, such as the IEEE 11073 SDC.

With our knowledge of GMP Annex 11 and 15, we also qualify for reliable work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Embedded development

Software development for embedded systems is fundamentally different from that for desktop applications. Because the focus is on the input and output, which makes programming hardware-dependent, individual software development is necessary for each system. Not every IT specialist is familiar with this area.

Our employees are specially trained for this type of software development, so you can leave this task to us without hesitation and focus on your main tasks.

App development

We focus on ensuring that you are successful with your app idea.
To make an app successful, it is essential, in addition to an interesting idea, that it is available across platforms and intuitive to use.

You provide the idea and we not only implement it in terms of software, but also ensure that it meets these requirements. Our experienced development team will stay in contact with you throughout the entire development process in order to implement your idea in the best possible way.

DevOps service

The “Agile Method” is now the most popular method in software development. The area of ​​DevOps in particular is playing an increasingly important role.

With our DevOps service, we set up an environment for you that ensures continuous integration and deployment. This is continuously optimized so that it is perfectly adapted to your project. Of course, we also take care of the operation and maintenance.

Carlos Slim Helú - Entrepreneur in the telecommunications industry

“There is no challenge that we cannot achieve if we work together clearly with the goals and know the tools.”

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