Right of withdrawal

All offers are non-binding. Delivery only while stocks last.

All delivery dates specified by mediatec.net GmbH are non-binding delivery dates, unless a delivery date has been expressly agreed in writing as binding.

If the buyer requests changes or additions to the order after the order has been placed, or if other circumstances occur that make it impossible for mediatec.net GmbH to meet the delivery date, although mediatec.net GmbH is not responsible for these circumstances, the delivery date will be postponed for a reasonable period of time.

If mediatec.net GmbH is involved in the timely fulfillment of the contract, e.g. B. prevented by procurement, manufacturing or delivery disruptions at her or her suppliers, the general legal principles apply with the proviso that the customer can set a grace period of six weeks after one month. If non-compliance with a binding delivery date can be proven to be due to mobilization, war, riots, strikes or lockouts or other circumstances for which mediatec.net GmbH is not responsible according to general legal principles, the delivery period will be extended accordingly.

The customer can withdraw from the contract if he sets mediatec.net GmbH a reasonable grace period after the extended period has expired. The withdrawal must be made in writing if mediatec.net GmbH does not comply within the grace period. If mediatec.net GmbH is unable to fulfill the contract in whole or in part for the aforementioned reasons, it will be released from its delivery obligation.

The costs for shipping and transport insurance are always to be borne by the customer, whereby the choice of shipping route and type of shipping is at the discretion of mediatec.net GmbH.

The customer is obliged to inspect the goods immediately upon arrival and to report any visible transport damage and any damage to the packaging to mediatec.net GmbH immediately in writing. The same applies to hidden damage.

If mediatec.net GmbH loses its claims against the insurance company or the subcontractor due to the failure to fulfill this obligation, the customer is liable for all costs resulting from this breach of obligation. The risk passes to the customer as soon as the goods leave the works or the warehouse of mediatec.net GmbH.