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Medical technology is one of the most important subject areas when it comes to health and healing. As digitalization progresses, software development and general IT service are becoming increasingly relevant in this area. However, since medical technology is about health and human life, there are special requirements that must be met under all circumstances in order to be able to guarantee the protection of people. Especially for medium-sized companies, which claim the largest market share in medical technology, it is not easy to meet the requirements for the devices as well as those for the software development.

Mediatec.net has therefore set itself the goal of supporting medical device manufacturers in software development and IT service. Thanks to our QM system certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and working according to the IEC 62304  standard, we can supply you with high-quality software that meets the requirements applicable to medical products - according to your needs!



High-quality manufacturing of drugs and active ingredients is of fundamental importance in the pharmaceutical industry. When human life is at stake, additional measures must always be taken to ensure greater safety when handling the products.

In this case, ensuring quality is regulated by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This is also relevant for software and IT systems. Therefore, we strictly follow our QM system when developing software for pharmaceutical companies and also cover essential requirements from EU-GMP Annex 11 and Annex 15.



Under the name "Industry 4.0", digitization in industry is progressing. On the one hand with ever more sophisticated embedded systems for individual processes, but above all with the help of the "Internet of Things". The networking of individual systems and the resulting automation of some work steps increases the efficiency of the entire company. Thanks to standardized procedures, the integration of new elements is no longer a problem.

We at mediatec.net are committed to this. We help companies to establish this digital progress in their own systems. As experts for ARAS Innovator, we can put together the PLM/PDM system for your company through individual adjustments, which you need and you have a complete overview of your products - from the first conception to the final market launch.

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