📢 We are pleased to announce that mediatec.net is now a proud member of the prostep ivip Association! 🎉

With our extensive expertise in the fields of medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and defense, we expand the collective competence of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) community. Together with the members and partners of the prostep ivip Association, we will integrate and further develop advanced cloud and AI technologies into various aspects of PLM.

Our membership underscores our commitment to innovation and the goal of transferring our knowledge to all industrial sectors in order to optimize their PLM capabilities. In particular, we support quality management systems in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard, which is of crucial importance for the medical technology industry.

Special thanks to Dr. Alain Pfouga, General Manager of prostep ivip, for the initial contacts and the warm welcome. On behalf of the entire mediatec.net team, we look forward to starting the collaboration and jointly promoting sustainable productivity, accelerating product innovations, and providing differentiated experiences.

Sebastian Baj, CEO of mediatec.net, says: "The medical technology, pharmaceutical, and defense industries have enormous potential for productivity increases. We are excited to join this impressive network of leaders to bring our capabilities and technologies into all industries. Together, we will help companies fully exploit the benefits of their PLM systems."

mediatec.net became aware of the prostep ivip Association through the symposium and recommendations from the network, and we are thrilled to now be part of this prestigious association.

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