In addition to our services and solutions in the IT sector, we at are involved in the HanseBelt e.V. on a voluntary basis to strengthen the HanseBelt economic region.

According to the HanseBelt Initiative, the happiest people live and work in the HanseBelt between the Hamburg metropolitan region and the city of Copenhagen. The exceptional quality of life of the coastal region and the Nordic tranquility are true guarantees of happiness. But work is also an important factor for the high level of life satisfaction at HanseBelt. In addition to fair pay and recognition, employees benefit from a particularly good work-life balance: The better this combination is, the happier people are.

The region is also directly connected to Denmark via the Fehmarnbelt, which is regularly at the top of the list of the happiest countries in the world. As a link between the Hamburg metropolitan region and the Klang region, the HanseBelt offers particularly high potential for economic development, innovation and quality of life.

The aim of the HanseBelt network, in which more than 60 volunteer companies have come together, is to inspire potential employees for local companies and to show them future prospects. In their joint activities, the companies undertake to focus on people's needs, good working conditions and development opportunities and to present a modern, authentic corporate culture. Current projects include, among others: Welcome receptions for new employees and an annual human resources conference. The activities aim to attract, retain and promote specialists and managers in the HanseBelt region and to make the region attractive as a business location.

The city of Lübeck, near which our headquarters (Stockelsdorf) is located, offers optimal and promising access to the global markets within the Hamburg metropolitan region in the heart of the HanseBelt.

Hansebelt ensures the acquisition of new contacts and acquaintances. Through a variety of organized events, it helps to make contacts with newcomers or long-time residents in the Hanseatic Belt and to make friends, as we found out ourselves.

At the end of last year we took part in the general meeting of HanseBelt e.V.


We are pleased to take part in this initiative and to be able to make a real contribution to the improvement of our region.