We are officially certified!

The effort and effort was worth it!

Finally we received our ISO13485 certificate for contract development of software applications for medical technology. Another milestone on our way. We are super happy and absolutely motivated to keep going in the future :-).

Software development in medical technology is bound to critical criteria by ISO 13485. With our quality management, we ensure that we comply with all requirements and standards at all times. This is the only way to ensure the protection and health-promoting measures of people at all times. Thanks to our quality management, we can now develop approvable software for our customers and partners in the areas of medical technology and the healthcare industry. Together with our customers, we want to continue to grow in medical technology, develop new products and actively promote digitization. For this reason, meddevs GmbH was founded. In the future, all medical technology software projects will be processed via meddevs GmbH. You can find more information here: meddevs GmbH - We are programmed for healthcare IT.

In addition, we can expand our spectrum again and become more active in the pharmaceutical industry. After all, pharmacy is also about health and human life. We also strictly follow our QM system for software development for pharmaceutical companies and also cover essential requirements from EU-GMP Annex 11 and Annex 15.

Do you have any questions or want to learn more about our medical technology expertise? Then feel free to contact us.